BIG City Tour

BIG City Tour 30 minutes

From the BIG city Tour we look for the ports in the direction of Schiedam. If we are lucky we will come across a few sea-going vessels close to Waalhaven. Furthermore, we sail on to quarantine island. This is at Heijplaat where the RDM is wharf. The SS Rotterdam was built there and launched by Queen Juliana.

We also sail past Schiedam where the Nolet distillery stands high above. Schiedam used to be called the black Nazareth. At that time there were so many distilleries that the soot that came free during the burning process settled on the roofs. Fortunately there is nothing left of it.


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30 minutes

Minimum number of people

8 persons

Price per person

€ 35.00
2-3 x sailings per rib consecutively 5% discount
4-5 x sailings per rib consecutively  10% discount