Harbour Tour


Harbour Tour

The most booked tour at RIB experience. During this trip you see the entire city with its skyline passing by and you see a lot of the port of Rotterdam. Because the large interesting sea-going vessels are not always in the same place, the trip can vary at any time of the year. In any case we sail to Vlaardingen.

Tearing 45 minutes through Rotterdam, Schiedam, Vlaardingen and the Rotterdam ports between De Willemsbrug and Vlaardingen Along the way you will see all the highlights from Rotterdam to Vlaardingen, The White House, the Erasmus Bridge, Hotel New York, the Euromast, De Delft, RDM shipyard, Waalhaven and the SS-Rotterdam and of course Rotterdam's "de Rotterdam" pride by Rem Coolhaas. Enjoy a breath of fresh air through the center of Rotterdam.


information & bookings +31102613338


45 minutes

Minimum number of people

8 persons