Clear your head tour

Clear your head tour

Take a breath of fresh air between other activities with a large group. There are several locations where we can come for this freshening up trip.

Only bookable at events where the boats sail at least twice in a row. This way we arrive at a group of 100 people with 2 boats so that we can cruise the group in 2x2 x 25 people.

With RIB experience you pay per person. If the event that you are organizing is a little delayed or the program takes longer, it does not matter to us. We will send a final invoice for the definitive number of participants who have participated. Of course we expect the number of participants to come close to what has been agreed. 


information & bookings +31102613338

Tocht duurt

15 minuten

Minimum aantal personen

2 x 12 personen

Prijs per persoon

 € 24,50 p.p.
Bij meer afvaarten per RIB:
3 x 12p 10% korting
4-5 x 12p 15% korting
6-10 x 12p 20% korting