Corona Beleid RIB-Experience Rotterdam

Cancellation conditions:

As long as the Corona virus keeps society busy and there is a risk of infection, you can move RIB experiences free of charge to a other moment this year. If you have booked a complete program via RIB experience / offshore events, the terms and conditions of the provider apply. Most of the parties that we have discussed offer the same conditions as RIB experience Rotterdam.

In connection with the Corona Virus, RIB-experience Rotterdam uses adapted rules of conduct to prevent the virus from spreading.

- Guests must wait on shore until they are asked to enter the Ponton before departure

- Guests who have sailed will first have to leave the pontoon before the next guests can prepare for departure

- All guests are asked to disinfect their hands before they board the RIB

 - Protective suits must be hung and packed by each participant himself. After each trip, they will dry so that no contamination can occur via clothing

- Balaclavas are no longer awarded to the guests.

- Guests and skippers will not shake hands with each other.

- Skippers are checked every day before departure for any fever. The skipper will be replaced at the slightest risk.
If 1 of the guests is infected, we expect the client to inform us as soon as possible.

- These measures may be superfluous, but Safety is our number 1 priority in all areas