Feel free and do the RIB experience Rotterdam!

In this time we sail our trips through Rotterdam with great pleasure. Feel the wind in your hair, enjoy the speed and feel free.!

In consultation with the Rijnmond Safety Region, we have decided that we only sail groups with people who know each other from a household, as a group of friends or as colleagues. You cannot come to us as a starter for the time being. You can rent each boat privately with an extremely experienced skipper who will talk to you about Rotterdam during the trip. (if we sail slowly in the ports at least).

Groups Colleagues and friends must wear a face mask during the cruise. Participants from 1 household or in combination with children from another household (boyfriends, girlfriends, nephews and nieces) under 18 do not have to.

Businessevent, Customer relations day, Bachelor weekend or an inventive. You can not miss a RIB-Experience when you visit Rotterdam!

You will experience an unforgettable experience on the Maas. The highly experienced RIB-Experience skippers sail across the Maas at high speed and in a spectacular way. During the trips you can see everything from the Rotterdam skyline and  the skippers tell you all about the ins and outs of shipping and business that you encounter!

RIB Experience offers various tours in and around Rotterdam. We set sail for 30 to 60 minutes through Rotterdam and the ports at set times. A RIB experience is the best and the quickest way to see much of what Rotterdam has to offer

For groups of 8 people or more, it is also possible to depart and arrive from different places in Rotterdam.
For example, it is never more than 10 minutes walk from any location along the Maas to reach a suitable boarding location in the city center

Every RIB Experience includs:

- clear instruction
- protective clothing
- safety means
- Experienced and skilld skipper
- Fuel
- P&I insurance

RIB experience is the specialist in the Rotterdam region:

- We exist since 2003
- Good relationship with the port of Rotterdam
- We have many contacts in the region
- More and more nice packages with restaurants and other activities in the city
- Well maintained and young RIBs and Yamaha Outboards

If you come alone or with a large group, RIB experience provides and advises on every visit to Rotterdam and the region. Call us for advice.



Clear prices, no concessions in experience and no extra costs!
Enjoy RIB-experience