15 Minutes Fun Tour


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Have you always been curious about what it is like to sail with a RIB? Then this tour is perfect for you. From the Leuvehaven you sail up the Maas to blast over the water at 80 to 100 km per hour!

During this tour, we will stay in the center of Rotterdam. See the magnificent bridges of Rotterdam and enjoy the few of Hotel New York at high speed. So much fun! You wish you had booked more time with us.


Price per person with a minimum of 8 tickets a RIB. Maximum guests for 1 RIB is 12 

Arrive at our pontoon 15 min before the start of the tour. 

If you want to sail from other locations it is possible we ask call out charges  per RIB.  city center € 22,50 /  Zalmhuis, IJsselmonde, De Kuip, RDM warf, Schiedam € 50,- /   Ridderkerk, Hendrik ido ambacht,  Vlaardingen € 152,50 /  for Spijkenisse, Dordrecht, Zwijndrecht, Papendrecht € 175,-. The tours will be sailed in the pickup area and don’t include transport from pickup point to Rotterdam. 

Rain gear: Don’t worry about rain. We have rain gear so that you can always have a lot of fun with us. In case of a storm, thunderstorm or other verry bad conditions, the tours will be canceled and you will get your money back within 3 days.

Exceptions: The tours are at high speed and are not accessible  if you are pregnant, having problems with backbone, knees or hips or serious heart problems

Where do you go on the fun tour

Fun Tour 15 min Map
Route 15 min fun tour