Welcome to RIB-Experience Rotterdam

Welcome to RIB-Experience Rotterdam

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The nummer 1 and fastest of europe

The nummer 1 and fastest of europe

RIB Boating is one of the most incredable activities to do in Rotterdam and the port of Rotterdam. We speed up till 90 to 100 km/h and with that we are the fastest RIB-experience in Europe. 

We Offer tickets for groups or individuals from 15 tot 60 minutes.

RIB-experience is aware of its use of fossil fuels. Thats why we work together with trees for all. We plant more then 2500 trees a year to compensate your fun until we can run our rib’s on Hydrogene. 

Book your tickets online and have the most exciting and greatest experience of Rotterdam.

Holiday tickets

from 1 up to 24 persons

Departure from Leuvehaven 73
30, 45, en 60 minuten tochten
Ascension weekend june 4 - june 7
Summer Holiday: 1 july - 28 august
the most fun

7 day's a week

From 8 up to 25 persons
Departures all day
15, 30, 45, 60 en 75 minuten tochten


bedrijfs evenementen

Vanaf 24 tot 300 personen
alles op afspraak
In de regio Rotterdam, Dordrecht, gouda, Maassluis
15, 30, 45, 60 en 75 minuten tochten
Regio-, lunch- en diner tochten halve en of hele dag