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Are you curious about what exactly RIB boats are and what adventures they offer? Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions about RIB boats, so that you are well prepared before you step aboard for an exhilarating experience on the water.


Report to our pontoon Leuvehaven 73 Rotterdam at least 15 minutes before the start, unless indicated otherwise. 

Are you later than the indicated time? Then it is possible that the boat has already left and you cannot join the adventure. Due to busy schedules, we cannot wait for you.

Make sure to be on time. We sadly can’t refund your tickets if you are late, due to our busy schedule.

TIP: Check ‘Parking Questions’ for information where to park.

A RIB experience is an adventurous boat trip where you get into a Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB), a type of boat that is known for its stability, speed and maneuverability. During the experience you will go over the Maas at high speed (between 80 and 100 km per hour) and experience an exciting and adrenaline-boosting experience.

There are several parking lots nearby. We recommend parking garage “De Boompjes” or parking garage “Erasmusbrug”. For more information about parking, see ‘Parking Questions’.

You can also get to us by public transport. Get off at metro station or tram stop ‘Leuvehaven’. If you come via metro line A, B or C, get off at Metro station ‘Beurs’ and walk to Leuvehaven 73 (changing line takes longer).

Whether you go by car or public transport, always check your favorite route planner to be sure when to leave and what route to take.

All our RIB boats go between 80 and 100 km per hour. Speed guaranteed!

The duration of the tour will determine how fast you go. If you have a tour of 15 minutes, the boat will go at the same speed all the time. The same applies to the 30 minute tour, apart from the fact that we make a short stop at the SS Rotterdam for a photo.

For the 45, 60 and 75 tours, the skippers will often stop to give some explanation about the most beautiful highlights of Rotterdam and the surrounding area. During these small stops you can take beautiful pictures, after which we will sail you flat out on the Maas to the next location.

Safety comes first at RIB-Experience. The boats are designed with stability and safety in mind. The crew is well trained and experienced to guide the trip safely. Strict safety measures are followed and appropriate personal protective equipment is provided. However, it is important to always follow the crew’s instructions and adhere to the safety guidelines.

Before sailing you must sign an indemnification in which you declare that you are in good health. People who walk around with heart, knee, back, neck complaints or are pregnant can unfortunately not participate in our tours. This is because we sail over the water with powerful engines at high speeds.
Furthermore, people who are overweight (BMI over 35) unfortunately cannot sail along.

For our RIB experiences we use a minimum length of 130 cm.

You will not get wet during our trips (unless Rogier of the Borrelboot is nearby).

When it rains, we have rain suits that you can put on over your entire clothing, so that the outing can always continue. In the event of storms, thunderstorms or other bad circumstances, your tour will be canceled by us and you will receive a refund.

There are several parking lots nearby. We recommend parking garage De Boompjes or parking garage Erasmusbrug. For more information about parking, click here. Furthermore, there is a metro station and tram stop ‘Leuvehaven’ within a 30-second walk across the street.

It is recommended to wear comfortable clothing suitable for the weather conditions on the day of the tour. In addition, it is important to wear suitable shoes that are firmly attached to your feet. Wearing a life jacket or life jacket is mandatory and will be provided by us.

It is usually possible to bring small personal belongings such as phones, cameras and wallets with you during the RIB experience. However, it is recommended that you leave valuables at home as much as possible or store them safely with us on the pontoon (the door will be locked) before boarding. We also recommend that you take off your sunglasses, as they sometimes want to end up in the Maas.

Do you wear (sun)glasses with strength? Then we have transfer glasses available so that you can still see everything.

No, you do not need any experience to participate in a RIB experience. The experienced and qualified crew will give you instructions and safety information prior to the trip, so that you can enjoy the experience in a safe and enjoyable way.

For group reservations during the week it is possible to choose a different boarding location. Within the center it costs €22.50 per boat to start and €22.50 to finish at another location. The locations within this rate are:

  • SS Rotterdam
  • Hotel New York
  • De Boompjes
  • Oostplein
  • De Ballentent
  • De Euromast
  • Villa Zebra (koningshaven)

Are you looking for another boarding location or do you want more information? Mail of call us.


You must notify us of any changes by email. This way there are no misunderstandings. Changes and cancellations will be confirmed to you by email.

RIB experience is flexible when canceling individual tickets. However, we also expect you to let us know as soon as possible if a reservation needs to be cancelled.

Up to three days in advanceFree of charge.
Within three days to one day in advanceYou can move the reservation to another date at no extra cost.
Within 24 hours before departureYou will not receive a refund.
After departureYou will not receive a refund.

Single tickets must be paid immediately upon reservation. If you come with fewer participants and report this by email within the agreed timespan, the cancellation of the tickets will be refunded to you within 5 working days.

If you book last minute and cannot arrange payment, you can pay with card or cash on the pontoon. Please arrive at our location at least 30 minutes before departure to pay. Your reservation expires 30 minutes before departure.

The confirmation e-mail contains a link to pay.

Are you booking for business? Then you will receive an invoice from us.


In Rotterdam, everything is paid parking. Parking can be done either on the street or in a parking garage. You can get a discount for parking in parking garages. Click here for more information.

Any other questions? Don’t hesitate to mail or call us.

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