Group tickets

Group tickets are available for groups for at least 8 people a RIB. We sail 7 days a week from dawn till dusk. More then 24 persons for a trip? Contact us by email or call us: 0102613455

15 minutes
Fun Tour

15 minutes excitment
Between Delfshaven & de Esch

From € 24,50

30 minutes
Fun Tour

30 minuten excitement
Between Schiedam & de Esch

From € 36,50

45 minutes
City Tour

45 minuten excitement and sightseeing
Between Schiedam & de Esch

From€ 44,50

60 minuten Harbour Tour

60 minuten excitement and sightseeing
Between Vlaardingen & de Esch

From € 59,00

75 minutes
City & Harbour tour

75 minuten excitement and sightseeing
Between The Botlek & the Esch

From € 69,50

Buy your Group tickets on this page for a fantastic and exciting RIB experience. Empty spots on the RIBs are filled with individual participants. If you want to sail privately, we charge a minimum of 8 people per RIB. Group tickets are on sale for departures from Monday to Sunday with a minimum of 8 participants between 1 March and 23 December. There may be places available for individual tickets and not for group tickets. Call or email us to see if we can arrange something for you.