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RIB-experience voor groepen

RIB Experiences for groups from 8 people

RIB-Experience Rotterdam has 8 well-equipped RIBs available. The RIBs are equipped with the latest Yamaha outboards and meet the highest requirements..

For groups we have a capacity of up to 81 people to go on the water at the same time. We work together with a number of colleagues who also meet the high demands that we place on boats and crew.

The Tours

We offer various tours through the Rotterdam region. During these tours you sail hard and calmly. The fast sailing happens on the Maas, we sail quietly in the ports where the skippers tell more about what there is to see.


RIB-Experience and our colleagues all comply with the safety agreement that we have concluded with the Port of Rotterdam Authority. This includes the requirements that the boats and skippers must have in order to sail over the Maas as safely as possible at high speed. Our skippers are trained theoretically and practically by ourselves. In the years that we have been active, we have sailed the earth around  more than 13 times at high speed with 29 skippers.

Offshore Events

RIB Experience is part of Offshore Events. In addition to our RIBs, we have also launched Ome Aad's Borrelboot. The only real brown pub on the Maas. In addition, we have been providing extensive events for companies and groups in and around Rotterdam since 1994.

A Relationship Day for customers, staff day or friends outing. With more than 25 years of in-house knowledge, we can optimally organize every event for you. If you prefer to organize your event yourself, you can contact us for free advice about: restaurants, meeting locations, fun activities, logistics and hotels in and around Rotterdam

Pay by boat or per person

With us you have the opportunity to choose to pay per person or per RIB. If you pay by RIB you have this completely private at your disposal. If you choose to pay per person, we can offer the empty places to individual participants. Departure is always from the Wijnkade 2 in Rotterdam center

The RIB's:

Tornado 10m, 12 pers 2 x 300 PK Yam
Tornado 8.5m, 10 pers 1 x 300 PK Yam
Gemini 880, 12 pers 2 x 200 PK Yam
Joker 26 ft, 12 pers 2 x 200 PK Yam
Joker 650, 7 pers 1 x 200 PK Yam
Gemini 850, 10 pers 1 x 300 PK sus
Revolt 9m, 10 pers 1 x 300 PK Yam
Ring 850, 8 pers 1 x 250 PK Yam


information & bookings +31102613338

Tour takes

The tours last from 10 minutes to 2.5 hours.

Minimum number of people

The clear your head and city tour 2x12 people

The Big City to the IJsselmonde round at least 8 people

Price a person

From 22.50 to € 110 per person, look at the tours for the right price